Overpressure bag filter FLE & FLM





Product Description.

The filter FLE & FLM are the series of overpressure bag filters designed for small and medium airflow. These series are provided with plastic bag for collect dust collection.

The inlet is in the low part of the filter to have a first dust separation, to ensure more filtration efficiency from bags.

Cleaning shaker system guarantee high performance with energy savings.

These series are designed with built-in fan. The impeller installed has been designed for transport material.

Standard version.

• Filtering surface from 2,5 to 105 m2 with cotton bags;
• Shaker cleaning (FLE & FLM series);
• Inlet fan from 1,1 (single phase) to 11 KW;
• Impeller for transport material;
• Plastic bags for collect slags;
• Max. overpressure 2000 Pa;
• Max. temperature 80°C.


• Filter materials for specific dust;
• Electrical panel for fan and shaker cleaning;

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet.