Mobile cartidge filters FCC



FCC with suction arm

FCC with suction arm

Product Description.

FCC filter is the mobile cartridges series.

FCC filters are provided with a plenum chamber, creating an inertial dust separation for heavier dust to permit a high quality filtration efficiency from cartridges.

Although the filter is very compact, the series has been designed to achieve a significant vacuum thanks to the impeller installed.

Automatic reverse jet cleaning with compressed air ensure a good lifetime of filtering media.

Each filter is provided with a fan, a switch and an electric plug.

FCC 2 filter with extraction arm is provided with two details more than the version without arm:
1. Supporting legs to avoid an overturning;
2. Plenum connection for suction arm.

The FCC 4 is designed as the model without arms.

Standard Version.

• Filtering surface from 20 to 40 m2 with cellulose / polyester / antistatic polyester cartridges;
• Automatic reverse jet cleaning;
• Inlet fan from 1,1 (also single phase) to 2,2 KW;
• Collection drawers;
• Fan switch;
• Cable with electric plug;
• Handles for easy movement;
• Max. temperature 80°C.


• Suction arm Ø 160 3 meters length;
• Filter materials for specific dust;
• Available with ATEX components zone 22 3D;
• HEPA filter on discharge.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.