Downdraft table without filter BS




Product description.

BS are the series of downdraft tables without filters inside.

This table series is available in two different version:

1. BS without fan, useful for install in an extraction system which need different workstations for a centralized plant;

2. BSB without fan, has been designing with suction arm, useful for have a worktop and if necessary a local extraction. Chance to choose where it is necessary to have extraction, if from the desk or if from the arm.

The tables can be equipped with fan.

Standard version.

• Length from 1 to 3 meters;
• Desk realized with painted tubular;
• Frontal hood;
• Max. temperature 150°C.


• Mobile version;
• Outlet duct connection;
• No suction side panels;
• Frontal hood and side panels with no debounce metal mesh;
• Vise preparation or particular fixing.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.