Grinding booth CC



Product description.

CC is the series of grinding booths with cartridges filter.

These booths are studied for capture a great amount of dust, thanks to the special extraction front realized.

Cartridge filters have an exceptional filter efficiency.

Automatic reverse jet cleaning with compressed air ensure a good lifetime of filtering media.

Each booths have collection drawers for the dust extracted.

All the booths are provided with an inlet belt drive fan, for guarantee high performance on all the extraction surface.

Standard Version.

• From 2 to 6 meters length;
• Airflow from 8.000 to 20.000 m3/h;
• Fan from 4 to 11 KW;
• Filter surface from 120 to 320 m2 with cellulose / polyester / antistatic polyester cartridges;
• Automatic reverse jet cleaning;
• Max. temperature 80°C.


• Electrical panel for fan;
• Differential pressure gauge for filter efficiency and best cleaning quality;
• Ceiling lights;
• Side and roof panels;
• Outlet ducts.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.