Oil Mists filter FTO & FTOV





Product description.

Filter series FTO is designed for oil mists fume. This series could treat both kind of oil:
• Neat oil;
• Emulsified oil.

FTO filter are projected with the inlet of dirty air is in the low part of the filter in order to have a first separation to ensure more filtration efficiency from pocket filter.

FTOV series designed with built-in fan in soundproofed box.

This series has been designed for having a turnkey solution. These product cover a good performance range with a compact filter, also for medium airflow.

Each box is fitted with an inspection panel.

Standard Version.

• Filter surface from 5,6 to 33,6 m2 in microfiber glass pocket filter;
• Available with inlet fan from 2,2 to 11 KW;
• Plastic bin of 10 L;
• Inlet & outlets on different side;
• Max. vacuum 2500 Pa;
• Max. temperature 70°C.


• Connection duct for oil collection pipe;
• Electrical panel for fan;
• Electrical panel with inverter for low consume and performance control;
• Differential pressure gauge for filter efficiency;
• Pocket filter with more filter surface.

Materiala and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.