Modular filter system FT





Product description.

FT are the series of modular filter systems for small and medium airflow.

These series have been designed for occasional use and light application.

Modular filter systems could be provided in several different combinations:
1. FT filtration metallic pre-filter with pocket filters;
2. FTC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters and active carbon;
3. FTPC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters and medium quantity of carbon;
4. FPC metallic pre-filter, high quantity of carbon with high absorption cartridges;
5. FTAS metallic pre-filter, pocket filters with built-in fan;
6. FTASC metallic pre-filter, pocket filters, small quantity of carbon and built-in fan.

Standard Version.

• Filtering surface from 8,5 to 54 m2 with pocket filters;
• Active carbon from 4,5 to 80 Kg;
• Inlet fan 1,5 or 2,2 KW;
• Inlet and outlet on different side;
• Max. vacuum 1500 Pa;
• Max. temperature with carbon 60°C;
• Max. temperature without carbon 80°C.


• Inlet duct connection;
• Outlet duct connection;
• Mounting brackets
• Switch on/off.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.