Production of medium and heavy carpentry, pipes galvanized steel and stainless steel corten.


Example of a hopper of our realization

Carpentry Industry

Shaping the steel: For us it is an art.

another leading department / sector of "GEF "Euroimpianti Florence Group, is where we manufacture medium-heavy carpentry as well as the pipes production made by, galvanized steel, stainless steel (304 and 316) corten.

During the year 2014 was also born of a new joint venture with a major player nationally in the carpentry industry. This has enabled the Group Euroimpianti Florence to stand out on the market, with a more extensive range of services and products that are more extensive, such as the technical design of the mechanical parts required, to prototyping, to production monitoring until delivery.

through a production department with technological machinery, iseguendo processes and procedures laid down in EN ISO 9001 quality certification, in addition to ecological production at the highest level, we offer finished products for quality and accuracy, as well as excellent timeliness and consistency deliveries.

But it is the confidence that many companies agree to us, every day, at the base of the continued growth of our industrial group, so as to be able to generate extraordinary synergies that can grow on both sides.