Dry spray booths with table CS

CS 10

CS 10

Product Description.

CS is the series of dry spray booths with table.

This series has one filtering stage realized with ANDREAE® paper.

Available also with paint stop filter.

The booth is full of supporting legs and a worktable, on which is possible to install a turntable.

The electric motor installed on the booths runs at 1.400 RPM to have a low sound level.

Standard Version.

• From 1 to 1,8 meters length;
• Airflow from 2.000 to 3.600 m3/h;
• Fan from 0,55 to 1,1 KW;
• Max. temperature 60°C.


• Ceiling light;
• Switch for fan;
• Switch for fan and ceiling light;
• Manual turntable;
• Automatic turntable.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.