Active carbon filter with "thin bed" CA & DCA




Product Description.

CA & DCA filter are the series with carbon for small and medium fume applications.

Carbon filter CA & DCA series are the models with “thin bed”, respecting carbon crossing speed and contact time.

CA & DCA filters are provided with three filtering stage:
1. First removal with filter fabric polyester or paint stop (size 20);
2. Synthetic filter;
3. Active carbon cartridges.

DCA filter series designed with built-in fan in soundproofed box.

This series has been designed for having a turnkey solution. These product cover a good performance range with a compact filter, also for medium airflow.

Each box is fitted with an inspection panel.

Standard version.

• Carbon quantity from 28 to 224 Kg;
• Inlet fan from 1,1 (also single phase) to 7,5 KW (DCA series);
• Structure made with aluminium profile (size 20 excluded);
• Max. vacuum 1800 Pa;
• Max. temperature 60°C.


• Active carbon for specific fumes;
• Electrical panel for fan;
• Electrical panel with inverter for low consume and performance control;
• No sparking nozzle.

Materials and finish

• Finish in galvanized metal sheet;
• Finish in stainless steel;
• Painting.