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G.E.F. Suction
Industrial suction systems and air filtration plants

G.E.F. Suction
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Our Company at a national level is one of the most respected business groups in the industry

G.E.F. Suction
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Our products are used in many different industry sectors

G.E.F. Suction
Technical Knowledge

All our products are the result of painstaking work and a great technical knowledge

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Our services are dedicated to the maintenance and safety

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We work with a network of companies, that like us, believes in collaboration between people and working methods

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G.E.F. Suction operates in the United Kingdom with

The selected companies are leaders in the field of extraction in UK, companies able to support you in design, certification, installation, after sales service, maintenance, analysis and compliance with local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

Progetto Regione Toscana

  • News - The new year means news for the Group "Euroimpianti Firenze", this means new solutions for the industrial suction.
  • News - For new year will be presented the new catalog of the Group "Euroimpianti Firenze".

G.E.F. Suction - Focus Products

  • Bag dust collectors
    with vibrator
  • Bag dust collectors with
    pneumatic cleaning
  • Dust collectors
    with cartridges filters
  • Wheeled dust collectors
    for fumes and dust
  • Wheeled dust collectors
    for welding fumes
  • Wheeled dust collectors
    for exhalations
  • cabina di verniciatura a secco
    Dry paint
  • cabina di verniciatura a carboni
    Dry paint booths
    with activated carbon
  • Sanding
  • banchi aspiranti per fumi e polveri
    Suction Benches
    for fumes and dust
  • banchi aspiranti per esalazioni
    Suction benches
    for exhalations
  • Suction benches
    with cartridges
  • banchi cartucce
    Movable benches
    for exhalations
  • Wood dust
  • Modular air filtration system
    for dust
  • Modules air filtration system
    for exhalations
  • braccio per aspiratori
  • Active carbon
  • Oil mist
  • Water filter
  • Cyclones

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